envasado de pinturas, paint filling

The paint filling process is a crucial phase in the manufacturing line since it involves significant labour costs, requires high accuracy, and must be completed as quickly as possible.

When it comes to choosing equipment for filling paint or related products, one must bear in mind that there are many models that can be adapted, to a greater or lesser extent, to the specific needs of each client and product. Read more


At O+B we continue working to improve the production capacity of our clients by reducing costs and improving the quality of the finished product, always aiming for the greatest sustainability and respect for the environment. To this end, we have created DISPERVAC, a technology that enables solids to be incorporated by vacuum into mixing and dispersing equipment.

This article will describe how it works, and the main advantages it brings to the manufacturing process of paints and related products.

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Viscosity, specific weight or colour are some of the characteristics specific to paint that must be controlled during the manufacturing process. Even if they have been previously determined during formulation, it is necessary to verify that the manufacturing process is correct and whether the desired result will be obtained once the paint is applied.

In this article we will analyse these fundamental characteristics that must be taken into account during the manufacturing process of paints. Read more


Dispersion is a key phase in paint manufacturing. When it comes to emulsified paints, for example, it is widely considered as the most important phase.

The goal in the dispersion phase is to cause most of the agglomerated pigments and fillers that are part of the formula to be stably separated as individual particles. Read more

granulometría en pinturas

This post provides an overview of the concept of grading and how important it is in the paint manufacturing process.

In the paint industry, the particle size of pigments and fillers that make up the formulas is of great importance, since it determines the characteristics of the final product such as the coverage, gloss or texture of a layer of paint. Read more