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60 years responding to the technological challenges of the paint industry

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On 16th and 17th November 2021, Fira Barcelona will host the ‘Paint & Coatings’ event, a trade fair that will bring together professionals and expert companies in paint technology and surface treatment. Oliver + Batlle will be in attendance with its own stand, where we will be able to offer all the information you need about our mixing, grinding, filling, and palletising equipment. At the technical conference, which will be held at the same the fair, you will be able to learn about the latest developments carried out by our company aimed at improving the manufacturing process of paints and related products.

Since 1959, our company has been producing equipment for the manufacture and filling of paints, inks and coatings, together with engineering developments. As a whole, all these activities allow us to offer comprehensive solutions for complete turnkey projects. The 60 years’ experience we have in introducing new products to the market and building a wide commercial network, have allowed us to position ourselves as leaders in the sector and experience constant growth until the present day, with us now having 120 staff members and facilities spanning across an area of over 14,000 m² in Badalona, Barcelona.

The range of developed products is divided into four main groups: mixing, grinding, filling- palletising, and Project engineering.

Within the field of mixing, Oliver + Batlle is also introducing new paint manufacturing equipment to the market, which stands out by adding flexibility to the rigid traditional dispersion equipment landscape. One of our latest innovations is the Polimix DPS-ORC, a coaxial conical disperser model. This is one of our best-selling units of mixing equipment and represents the go-to product of its kind for major players in the paint industry.

With Polimix DPS-ORC, you can manufacture waterproofing coatings, varnishes, water-based and solvent-based paints, adhesives, tintometric bases, inks and wet mortars, for example. With a range of capacities between 3,000 and 8,000 l, it can start liquid mixing processes from 10% of its total capacity and dispersion processes from 25% of its total volume.

The possibility of installing the recently developed vacuum loading system (dubbed SIDIVAC) is an additional feature of this conical coaxial mixer. This system is specially designed for loading raw materials that are difficult to handle due to their volatility, considerable slide-resistance, or contaminating characteristics (aluminium silicate, micro-beads, TiO2, carbon black, etc.) In the Polimix DPS-ORC, the solid can be directly incorporated into the liquid through the bottom of the disperser, thus increasing productivity, minimising waste, reducing cleaning times and always ensuring a dust-free working environment.

In addition to the coaxial, cylindrical, and conical Polimix models, Oliver + Batlle, which is forever aware of the operational challenges faced by different companies in the sector, has a wide range of dispersion and mixing equipment of different capacities and strengths in order to provide an adequate solution for every specific need.

For the grinding process, Oliver + Batlle has also developed equipment offering greater flexibility in the manufacturing processes of paints and pigment concentrates, as it able to manufacture products of a wide range of viscosities and various batch sizes. As was the case with the mixing solutions, we have once again studied the needs of the sector to offer solutions for grinding processes and to achieve excellent results in pigment development, particle size, transparency and shine.

In this sense, our range of basket and immersion mills (Mill-ennium RS) offers significant advantages over other grinding technologies thanks to a better basket renewal ratio (up to 6 times faster than conventional mills). The RS-type basket mill is capable of processing viscosities of up to 10,000 poises and enables our clients to work with more concentrated grinding bases or even with products that, previously, could only be processed in three-roll mills.

For the filling  process, we have a wide range of gravimetric and volumetric filling machines with different degrees of automation. These range from the simplest pieces of equipment to high-production filling machines, which are fully automatic and electronically-controlled.

We also have our project engineering department to add to our portfolio of products and services. From this department, we can develop projects for the storage and handling of raw materials involved in our clients’ manufacturing processes. Starting from a basic engineering project, our clients can get an idea of how their future manufacturing process will look, and receive an assessment of it in the process. If you wish to proceed with the development of the project, our team of engineers can also carry out the project in detail, helping you to set up your new manufacturing plant.

As we are well aware of market trends and needs, we have been focusing our research and development efforts on new products and manufacturing processes over the past few years, so that we can provide our clients with modern and automated solutions that enable them to increase their productivity, improve quality, reduce costs, and be environmentally friendly

We look forward to seeing you at Paint & Coatings 2021!

If you are looking for a partner like Oliver + Batlle to help you innovate and increase the productivity of your manufacturing processes, we will be waiting for you at stand No. 108 of the Paint & Coatings exhibition at Fira Barcelona’s Italian Pavilion, where we will talk to you about the latest developments in our equipment for your product manufacturing processes.