High output automatic filling line, PLC controlled operation and touchscreen HMI. Conveying table driven by servo-motor, for cans from 50 to 235 mm of external diameter.

Dosage of low and medium viscosity products from 0,1 L to 5 L per stroke and headstock. Lid closing station for flat lids is incorporated into the machine.

FLASH-53-ST model is equipped with 1 dosing head whilst FLASH-53-T incorporates two identical dosing heads.

FLASH-53 range is conceived for high output productions, provided with automatic changeover concerning cconveying table and cleaning cycles.

  • Integration into a complete filling line, from the pail denester to the palletizing unit
  • Automatic format changeover of conveying table and cleaning system, also allowing the creation and edition of recipes
  • Double pitch conveying table as an option, to allow the filling rate to be optimized in accordance with can type
  • Height adjustment of all the stations by means of a lifting beam
  • Double pitch conveying table
  • Simultaneously adjusted side guides
  • Anti-skinning dispenser
  • Leak detecting system
  • Lug lids closing station
  • Automatic container feeding
  • Checkweigher with rejection system of containers out of tolerance
  • ATEX Certificate for EEx versions
  • Other options: Consult us.
  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Glues
  • Adhesives
  • Liquid Inks
  • Others


Estimated accuracies and outputs reached with non foaming products with viscosity among 25 and 50 poises. To confirm particular output, the customer should provide product and cans for trials in O+B
Liters1 Liter / 5 Liters
FLASH-53-STElectro-pneumatic0,1 – 522-25 / 15-171
FLASH-53-ST (Double pitch)Electro-pneumatic0,1 – 528-31 / 15-171
FLASH-53-TElectro-pneumatic0,1 – 525-28 / 20-222
FLASH-23-T (Double pitch)Electro-pneumatic0,1-531-34 / 20-222