Filling unit with “2 in 1” filling head with two filling adaptors. One to fill from 1 to 30 Kg with high accuracy and for medium-low outputs (large cans), and a second one to fill from 5 to 30, Kgs, with medium accuracy and high outputs.

Container-closing included, and as an option, container and lid dispenser and other accessories.

Integration into a complete filling line, from the pail denester to the palletizing unit.

  • Filling head adapter for capillary nozzles Ø 106 /140 mm.
  • Empty cans feeding table.
  • Pail denester.
  • Automatic lid dispenser.
  • Filled cans accumulating table.
  • Closing heads, press-on or crown type.
  • Capillary nozzles.
  • Pneumatic or electric pumping group with frequency inverter, with or without filter.
  • Others: Upon request
  • ATEX Certificate for EEx version
  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Glues
  • Adhesives
  • Liquid Inks
  • Others (ask for high viscosity products)


Estimated output, depending on product characteristics and feeding system. To confirm particular output, the customer should provide product and cans for trials in O+B
SCALE CAPACITY (Kg)MAX. OUTPUT (container / min.)
5 Kg / 10 Kg
COMBI-130Electro-pneumatic307-9 / 6-8
COMBI-130/60Electro-pneumatic607-9 / 6-8