Cost effective palletising cell for low to medium production filling lines,  standard and tailor-made configuration . Four axis robot . Manual changeover of fast  adjustment.


  • Available in 4 standard versions, matching with most usual requirements in regard with space and production.
  • Plug and work installation, fast assembly and commissioning.
  • Manual changeover of quick adjustment.
  • Mechanical grippers with exchangeable tools.
  • Controls with PLC, touchscreen and push buttons.
  • Containers infeed conveyor, modular belt.


  • Supplementary programs.
  • Supplementary grippers.
  • Orientation station for rectangular, oval containers, packs and boxes, prior to the infeed conveyor.
  • Handle orientation station, prior to the infeed conveyor.
  • Interleaves magazine, and accessory for handling with robot gripper.
  • Supplementary pallet conveyor at the exit.
  • Supplementary containers conveyor at the palletizing cell infeed.


  • Any application, in rectangular, oval containers, packs and boxes.