Effective cleaning solution able to work with many sizes of vessels, up to 1500 mm diameter and 1500 mm height.

Main characteristics:

  • High pressure pumps for rinse and recirculation (explosion-proof execution EEx e II T3).
  • Inclined flat lid fixed to a raising column, height adjustable as per diameter of vessel to be cleaned. Fitted with special solvent-resistant seal, and cleaning head with interior rinse system.
  • Rotating cleaning head  (height adjustable) with two multi-direction cleaning solvent spraying nozzles.
  • Washing ring for vessel final rinsing and nitrogen purging.
  • Platform for the vessel inclination.
  • Intermediate vessel 1000 litres for storing the cleaning solvent, with level control system and filter for solvent re-cycling.
  • Fumes extractor to ensure the necessary ventilation of the vessel at the end of the washing cycle.